Seal a software deal worth shouting about

Upcoming renewal? Negotiation knocking? We’re by your side to guarantee the best possible contractual and commercial outcomes for your business.


  • Negotiate with accurate data and expert insight 
  • Cut budgeted costs compared to previous years
  • Avoid future costs by future-proofing agreements 
  • Steer clear of unnecessary risk and future audits
  • Make every license count for your organization

Getting the best deal is our whole deal

When it comes to contract negotiations, you know the drill: they’re often long, likely complex, and a lot hinges on getting them right to avoid unexpected renewal costs or misaligned contracts. You should also know you’re not alone.

Livingstone makes it our mission to make sure you land the best possible deal so you can maximize your software and cloud investments. Our team of experts help organizations save an average of 38% at renewal by giving them all the cards they need to negotiate with confidence.

Vendors and screens

Make your contracts fit for the long haul

Use our Mega Vendor Renewal solution to enter into contract negotiations knowing exactly what you need, when you need it. Through a detailed Bill of Materials, we’ll track your consumption to help you forecast investment and future-proof your contracts. Throughout everything, our experts will be by your side to support you with Best and Final Offer (BAFO) reviews, commercial benchmarks, and negotiation strategies.

Expert support, every step of the way

When every mega vendor is different, getting to grips with each isn’t easy. And for procurement teams looking to build out resource with enough experience to handle multiple renewals, it’s downright daunting. Luckily, Livingstone has worked with and for Fortune 500 global clients and government organizations, so we know what’s needed to seal the best possible deal – no matter the vendor.

Cloud Consumption

Clearer data, wiser decisions

The Livingstone Hub is the ace up your sleeve that’ll boost your negotiating power. By storing, standardizing and cataloging utilization data, you’ll be able to tap into a single source of truth that clearly presents current usage and projected future demand. Use it to enter into negotiations safe in the knowledge that you’re only ever paying for what you need, and not what you don’t.

Come out on top of your next audit

Audits are risky business. Unexpected fines, true-up costs and back payments can lead to spend you haven’t accounted for. But Livingstone can help you turn any audit into an opportunity with our Audit Defense solution. We’ll reconcile your inventory, entitlement, and contract information to give you better visibility over your license risk picture, and where you might be able to cut costs and so optimize your software investments.

What our clients say

St. James's Place Wealth Management logo

Not only did we reduce our exposure, the budget we had forecast in our scenario planning exercise was translated into a major cost saving. The team was professional, knowledgeable & collaborative. In short, working with the Livingstone Group was a great experience, with a great result.

Robert Sirignano, Software Asset Manager, St. James' Place Wealth Management
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Essex Police logo

We couldn't be happier with the amount of cost avoidance achieved. So much so, we'd advocate that other forces who are facing the same challenges as we were, also go through this optimization process, and have passed on Livingstone as a strong recommendation.

Jules Donald, CIO for Essex Police
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