Cut costs, not corners

Wiser decisions. Lower costs. Less chaos.


  • Gain up to 38% in savings
  • $3bn total savings delivered
  • Forecast better so you can invest more wisely
  • Cut costs across your software estate
  • Navigate subscription-based services with ease

Cost management meets confidence

Software sprawl leads to licensing issues. Easily accessible cloud-based services result in overspend. IT, procurement teams, and budget holders scramble to regain control over spiraling costs. Sound familiar? We’ll put you back in the driver’s seat.

We know that cost management can be just as complex as your software and cloud estates, which is why we take a holistic approach to both. We’ll help you save money and maximize value in the face of audits, contract renewals, and vendor negotiations – no matter how complex they might be.

Licenses on screen

Pinpoint risks, reduce overspend

You don’t know what you don’t know. Livingstone’s Strategic License Reviews examines your data quality, people, processes and tech stack to spot any potential compliance risks and opportunities to cut costs.

With complete visibility of your consumption vs entitlements, you can optimize current investments, better forecast future ones, and right-size your operations so you’re only ever paying for what you need.

Silver lining your cloud estate

If your understanding of cloud ecosystems and costs is a little foggy, our Cloud Optimization Service will clear things up. From IaaS and PaaS through to SaaS, we’ll monitor your subscription-based services throughout their lifecycle, offering you better visibility and control to help guide your decision making.

Take the reins on your cloud costs and strategy, optimize your usage, and forecast effectively to keep costs low and ROI high.

Vendors and screens

Make mega vendor renewals work for you

We’ll help turn your next major contract renewal into a golden opportunity. First, we’ll get to grips with your consumption needs before developing a detailed Bill of Materials.

Our team of experts will then turn this into a strategic negotiation plan and stick with you throughout contract renewals to make sure you’re always getting the very best deal – both now and for the future.

Lisa Maines holding a presentation in the Livingstone office

By your side to always come out on top

You’re in expert hands with Livingstone. Our team is made up of world-leading software investment managers with experience working with and for top tier publishers – from Microsoft, AWS and Salesforce through to SAP, Oracle and IBM.

No matter how large the vendor, how complex the contract, or how in-depth the renewal process, we’ll help you cut costs and make the most out of your software and cloud investments.


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