Not so risky business

We’ll help you stay compliant to safeguard your organization.


  • Manage your next audit with confidence
  • Better understand your compliance position
  • Forecast and mitigate future risk
  • Turn disparate data into actionable insights
  • Avoid fines and back payments

Less risk, more reward

Maybe your next audit is causing concern over compliance. Or your evolving tech stack exposes greater security vulnerabilities. Whether it’s financial, reputational or legal, any risk to your business is bad news. 

Risks are unavoidable – but shrinking their likelihood is within your control. By arming you with detailed intelligence and industry expertise, we’ll help you more accurately pinpoint compliance risks to avoid costly fines, time-consuming audits, and reputational damage – now and in the future.

Clarify your compliance position

Staying compliant means understanding your compliance position – and that’s where we can help. By combining your product usage data with contract licensing entitlements through Livingstone Hub, we’ll build clear, concise compliance risk reports that give you greater visibility of where you might be under licensed. You’ll be able to nip any compliance issues in the bud and avoid fines later down the line.

Swing into action with our team

Swing into action

Identifying risks is only half the battle. The other – and more important – half rests on your ability to take action and mitigate them. Tap into Livingstone’s team of experts and we’ll help you fight both battles on an ongoing basis. Backed by decades of specialist knowledge, we’ll work with you to paint a risk picture and build a detailed plan of action so you can remain compliant round-the-clock.

Get audit-ready

From true-up costs through to fines and back payments, software audits often come with a whole host of financial risks. Livingstone’s Audit Defense service, comprised of a team of compliance and audit experts, has helped organizations save tens of millions by helping them plan, prepare and respond to their next audit. Lean on us to offset risk, cut costs, and claw back time for your teams.

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Harness data you can depend on

Accessible, quality data is key when it comes to easily and accurately identifying risks to your business. The Livingstone Hub gives you a leg up by turning disparate, murky data from across your cloud and software estate into a single source of truth you can trust. Use it to stay compliant, secure and agile in the here-and-now, and leverage powerful prediction insights to better forecast any future risks.

What clients say

St. James's Place Wealth Management logo

Not only did we reduce our exposure, the budget we had forecast in our scenario planning exercise was translated into a major cost saving. The team was professional, knowledgeable & collaborative. In short, working with the Livingstone Group was a great experience, with a great result.

Robert Sirignano, Software Asset Manager, St. James' Place Wealth Management
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Essex Police logo

We couldn't be happier with the amount of cost avoidance achieved. So much so, we'd advocate that other forces who are facing the same challenges as we were, also go through this optimization process, and have passed on Livingstone as a strong recommendation.

Jules Donald, CIO for Essex Police
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