Your secret weapon for SAM intelligence

Managing software can be a mammoth task. That’s why Livingstone provides SAM Managers with the best data intelligence and hands-on support to help make it that little bit easier.


  • Immediately access accurate, reliable usage data 
  • Gain clarity on your license position
  • Stay compliant with every vendor
  • Rely on world-class vendor specialists 
  • Ensure IT and procurement stay ahead

We empower SAM Managers to do their best work

Software Asset Management is rarely straightforward. Disparate data and different stakeholders across multiple licenses, versions and varying contract terms can put pressure on SAM Managers who simply want the best for their organization. 

Through intelligent dashboards and reports, Livingstone provides a clearer picture of your entitlement and usage data so SAM Managers can pinpoint compliance risks before they become real. Bring power to your SAM people, processes and provision to stay compliant, cut costs, and get the most out of your software estate.

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Turn usable data into actionable insights

Relevant, trustworthy data is the lynchpin of any effective SAM workflow. For SAM Managers looking to access this data in an instant, the Livingstone Hub presents your organization’s software usage through one central dashboard.

Get clued up ahead of your next renewal, audit or internal review thanks to an at-a-glance view of what’s working, what’s not and and where tweaks can be made to keep your estate optimized.

No more nasty surprises

A clearer picture of your license position means you’re less likely to get caught out by overspend, unexpected costs or compliance issues.

By supplementing your existing data with entitlement information for specific major vendors, we’ll make sure you know exactly what you need, so you always know exactly where you stand.

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Spot risk before it becomes reality

SAM is risky business. Multiple licenses, ever-changing workforces and many different contracts mean threats to your business are rarely far away.

Livingstone’s team of experts help you pinpoint them in the present and avoid them in the future. We’ll work with you to build a detailed plan of action that will arm you with everything you need to shrink risk and secure your organization’s ongoing success.

Support that always keeps you one step ahead

When it comes to SAM, you’re not alone. We’ll be by your side to power your data intelligence and monitor your compliance position to ensure you’re only every paying for what you need, and not what you don’t.

Keep your software estate optimised through our SAM Managed service, which offers regular intelligence reports that will empower you to make the right choices when it comes to mitigating risk and controlling costs. 

What our clients say

St. James's Place Wealth Management logo

Not only did we reduce our exposure, the budget we had forecast in our scenario planning exercise was translated into a major cost saving. The team was professional, knowledgeable & collaborative. In short, working with the Livingstone Group was a great experience, with a great result.

Robert Sirignano, Software Asset Manager, St. James' Place Wealth Management
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Essex Police logo

We couldn't be happier with the amount of cost avoidance achieved. So much so, we'd advocate that other forces who are facing the same challenges as we were, also go through this optimization process, and have passed on Livingstone as a strong recommendation.

Jules Donald, CIO for Essex Police
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